Magie Luff - Mandolin with Sunflowers. 2012 Magie Luff - Still Life #2. 2012 Magie Luff - Still Life #1. 2012 Magie Luff - Poppy. 2012 Magie Luff - Parkhead Garden #3. 2012 Magie Luff - Parkhead Garden #2. 2012 Magie Luff - Parkhead Garden #1. 2012 Magie Luff - Berlys Flowers. 2012 Magie Luff -  2010 Magie Luff -  2010

Magie Luff

Artist Profile

I am primarily a painter and printmaker, but I also work in photography and sculpture.

I studied at Plymouth University Exeter gaining a BA Hons in Fine Art and a H.N.C. in Printmaking at S.C.A.T. Taunton.

I work in acrylic, oils, mixed media and charcoal. I believe strongly in the fundamental skill of drawing. I work intuitively and expressively using the forms of nature and the figure as a starting point on which to base my work.

Sometimes, the work is a strong representation of the source material, other times I look at the abstract form. I prefer to work directly from life observation but use photographs for reference in the studio.

I cannot settle on one particular style, I enjoy the process of experimentation. Where can I take this image?

Sometimes it works, sometimes not. It's all part of the excitement.

Magie Luff - 2010

My influences are the German Expressionists and the Fauvism of the early 20 century.

Matisse with his strong colour and design, and Picasso for his creativity in abstraction of form.

We are all consciously or unconsciously influenced by what we see and the world we live in and this comes out in the work of the individual artist as a response.

My work is that… a response to what I see and feel about a subject, I am not looking to reproduce an image or to get a photographic likeness but to put down how I as an individual feel about the subject.

Magie Luff - 2010

Magie Luff has had a painting accepted for the South West Academy of Fine and Applied Arts 2010 Open Exhibition, “Axmouth Bridge” which can be seen bottom right in the photo.

Devon Open Studios September 8th – 23rd 2012

Devon Open Studios is an annual event that allows a unique chance for the public to enjoy art at its origin. This free annual visual arts event, is the largest showcase for artists in the county and over 300 artists will be opening their doors for 16 days in September, exhibiting their work in more than 160 locations. Visitors will have an opportunity to meet artists where they work and view the creative process first hand in addition to purchasing art directly from the artist.

Magie Luff entry can be seen on page 41 of the Devon Open Studios Event Guide.

For me being an exhibitor at previous Devon Open Studios has been a positive experience, lots of positive feedback from the people who have visited and lovely comments in the visitor's book. I have met, because of this some lovely people but most important it has given me the confidence to carry on and believe that what I do has an artistic value. Many thanks to my friends and family for their encouragement and support.